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About Me

Green Mizanur Rahman
Green Mizanur Rahman, who dedicated himself with the family by building quality worlds through qualitative change in the informal and institutional disciplines of the world, is better known as Md Mizanur Rahman; the author, editor, photographer of many reference books of botany at the university level. He was born on 14 August, 1976 as the fifth child of Anwarra Begum and Shaikh Monir Uddin at a flood hazard soft clear rural part of Bangladesh. He grew up as a brother to Mahitur Mintu, Mamtaz Rina, Nasrin Mina, Jesmin Josna and Hosneara Ratna. Father's sister Noorjahan Begum, who lost her husband during the Great War of Liberation 1971, lived in the same environment with her two daughters, Renu Khatun and Naima Rita. There the author completed primary and secondary education.
He received first grade talentpool scholarship in the primary scholarship examination in year 1986. He then got the first grade Talentpool scholarship in the secondary scholarship examination in year 1989. He passed the SSC exam with a star number in the science group at 1992. He then passed the HSC Examination from Govt BL College, Khulna. He earned a BSc (Honors) degree in Botany and an MSc degree with Plant Pathology, regularly. He studied for a long time at the Plant Taxonomy, Ethnobotany, Biodiversity and Conservation Lab in the Department of Botany at Jahangirnagar University. This researcher is against the violence of imitation learning. During his student life he has been actively involved in the scout movement. He holds the motto "A Rover is a lifetime rover".
He participates in several worldwide deserved activities such as hunger relief research, agricultural philosophy development, commodity getting, settlement development, tenant food thinking, educational materials, museum management, globalization, world curriculum development, teacher family enrichment, parenting capacity development, street food quality, inhibiting prostitute compulsion, prevention of alcoholism and gambling, gender culture development, trade on sustainable goals, export research, import research, necessary service of the state and society, etc.
He got footsteps from all the districts of Bangladesh and got the idea of ​​folk and herbal plant knowledge and sustainable development from the natural environment. The number of quality photograph he captured is at least one lac. He is specializes in informal knowledge production, intellectual property right protection, biodiversity, field research of Plant. He is a 1st class land surveyor with distinction.
He has authored several books of B.Sc (Honours) and Masters level like "Microbiology", "Principles of Microbiology", "Phycology", "Mycology", "Fungi Affair", "Agronomy and Horticulture", "Plants for Money and Health", "Disease free and healthy life by Plants", "Botany", "Plant Pathology", "Campus affair", "Bengal Plants to combat disease distress and Hunger" etc. Eight of them has been ranked highly in the list and are Included in Bangladesh National Bibliography. About 25 more books written by him are awaiting publication.
The 1st author's wife is Mahmuda Ruby. They have four sons: Ratul Rahman, Mehrab Rahman, Renesa Rahman and Tulip Rahman. All three writers want to be involved as naturalists until their death.
web: www.mizan.link;
facebook: www.fb.com/green.mizan